Safety and Security Products


Active Shooter Defensive Protection

With the increasing frequency of mass shootings, there is a growing awareness of the need to proactively counter these threats. Baseload Group will develop a new line of ballistics consumer products for children, students and adults. We will focus on the design, manufacture, and supply of lightweight, smart activewear and protective gear, fixtures and furniture dedicated to protecting children and adults in various environments including at school, home, shopping and at work.

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Security Technology

Protecting and organizations requires expert knowledge in the use and application of many systems and technology. This includes advanced and intelligent systems to help protect your assets and operations.


Tactical Equipment

Baseload personnel continually train with, test, and evaluate, the most cutting-edge hardware available to understand the best products to recommend for our client’s unique situation. We offer wholesale bulk supply of tactical equipment, medical supplies, uniforms, and many other products.

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