Response Operations during 2017 Hurricane Season

We implemented rapid integrated disaster assistance, supply chain security, and crisis response operations that resulted in lives saved and assets protected.

The Challenge:  

In 2017, successive hurricanes devastated the Caribbean, destroying infrastructure, communications networks, and crippling electric grids. The storms and ensuing environmental conditions caused significant loss of life throughout the region, and left survivors in jeopardy and unaccounted for. Assistance was further complicated by multiple jurisdictions and chaotic international relief efforts.

Our Solution:

Baseload Group received requests for assistance from a leading Fortune 500 healthcare provider and a privately-held retail and distribution company, both of which had people and assets impacted across the region. Baseload Group immediately initiated crisis management services, including locating and accounting for missing employees, emergency evacuation of personnel, executive escort and protection, site and supply chain security and damage assessments, and delivery of humanitarian aid.

Baseload Group conducted rapid-response planning resulting in evacuation of over 100 students, family and faculty members from St. Maarten and St. Kitts by air. Shortly thereafter, we successfully conducted the largest privately contracted personnel evacuation in the Caribbean of over 1,200 students, faculty, administrators and over 100 pets from the island of Dominica by sea.

Brittany Norris